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International Loan Transactions (ILV/ILL)

Information for Foreign Libraries

If you (as a library outside Germany) would like to request material from the ULB Düsseldorf for inter-library loan, please send us:

  • an IFLA request form (only these requests will be passed on to other libraries if the ULB Düsseldorf is unable to positively carry them out)
  • or an undefinede-mail

Please send an IFLA request form or an e-mail for every request!


Fees for the provision of material that must be returned or for photocopies in DIN A4-format (per 20 pages) that will be charged:

  • 1 voucher worth the value currently set by IFLA or
  • if an invoice is made out: 8 €.

Please note that these fees also apply to material written in German or published in Germany if provision from other countries is required.

Please use undefinedIFLA vouchers for your payments whenever possible.

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