How can I register as a user at the ULB? What does registration cost? How can I borrow media? What advantages does self check-out offer? How long are the loan periods? May I renew them? What do I need to be aware of when returning books?

All those questions concerning registration and loans are answered on this page.

Registration/Membership Card


at the Central Service Desk on the ground floor of the Central Library


Mon – Fri     09:00 – 18:00

Please bring

  • (German) identity card or a passport and a confirmation from the residents’ registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt)
  • a confirmation of enrolment and photo identification (for students)


  • for members of HHU and other state universities and academies in Germany free of charge
  • all other persons 15,00 euro per calendar year

more ...

Registration can only be carried out at the Central Service Desk on the ground floor of the Central Library.

Students of HHU need only present their confirmation of enrollment and photo identification.
All other persons can obtain membership cards after submitting an application (undefined Anmeldung zur Benutzung ...) and presenting a German identity card. If you only have a passport or foreign identification documents, please present additionally a confirmation from the residents’ registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt; not older than 1 year!).
Applications from minors have to be signed by their legal representatives, whose identity cards must be presented.

All members of all universities and academies in Düsseldorf as well as every person with a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany can obtain a membership card.
undefinedExternal users will be charged an annual fee for each calendar year unless they study or work at a German state university or academy.

Membership cards starting with an E... need to be activated every calendar year. Please remember to pay your fees or present your confirmation of enrolment in good time for this to be done. To be able to use the library without limitations activations can usually be requested from December 1 of the preceding year.
Persons who have to pay annual fees can activate their membership cards online (undefinedOnline-Verlängerung der Gültigkeit Ihrer Ausleihkarte ...).

Issuing replacement cards will generally entail charges (undefinedGebühren und Auslagen).



at the undefinedself check-out machines


Mon – Fri      08:00 – 24:00

Sat + Sun     09:00 – 24:00

Please bring

your membership card



more ...

You need a membership card to borrow material.

Please take books from the freely accessible areas and the undefinedtextbook collections off the shelves yourself and record your loan with the help of the self check-out machines. Library material from the undefinedclosed stacks can be ordered via catalogue for collection from the undefinedpick-up shelves (Central Library: to the left of the Central Service Desk on the ground floor; Medical Library: level O4).

Please mind the undefinedlending restrictions and the undefinedperiods when books are made available!

Loan Periods

How long?

in general 28 calendar days

more ...

In general, the loan period is 28 calendar days; it can be undefinedrenewed four times unless the previous loan period has expired or a undefinedhold has been placed on the item in question. You can borrow up to 50 items per account.
Academic staff of HHU is granted special undefinedloan conditions.

Please note: A renewal must be made before the previous loan period expires! If media are kept longer than the due date, default fees (undefinedGebühren und Auslagen) will be due, which have to be paid,  and the documents must be returned. It is not possible to borrow the same item again on the same day!

The loan period for media provided via inter-library loan usually is 42 calendar days, starting from the day the document arrives at the ULB. In exceptional cases the loan periods can be limited to one week. Renewals are generally not possible for inter-library loans.

You can find a list of all items currently borrowed by you with the respective due dates in your user account in the Library catalogue.



  • at the returns stations in the foyer of the Central Library and in the Medical Library (level O4)
  • in the Law Library to the staff at the service desk
  • in the Medical Library and the Law Library in the book returns boxes


Mon – Fri      08:00 – 24:00

Sat + Sun     09:00 – 24:00

more ...

You can return books you have borrowed at the returns stations. This can be done at any time during the opening hours. Once the books have been returned they will be deleted from your library account and a receipt will be issued. Please check your returns receipts and keep them for one year in case of potential complaints.
In the Law Library books must be returned to the staff at the service desk (undefinedservice hours).

Book returns boxes
Alternatively, you can use the book returns boxes, which are situated in the foyer of the O.A.S.E. and in front of the Law Library. To this, you should know the following:

  • The borrowing person is generally responsible for returns.
  • You will not be issued a receipt.
  • Please make sure that loose inserts and the like cannot fall out.
  • Material provided via inter-library loan can only be returned at the inter-library loan returns station (green card) or at the Central Service Desk (red card) on the ground floor of the Central Library (undefinedservice hours).

Please note: The material is not checked-in until the following work day; default fees (undefinedGebühren und Auslagen) may occur if the loan period has been exceeded!

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