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Registration, loans and media returns

How do I register for a library card? What does registration cost? How can I borrow media? What advantages does self check-out offer? How long are the loan periods? May I renew them? What do I need to be aware of when returning books?

Questions concerning registration and loans are answered on this page.

How to register
  • Library cards can be issued to students of all Düsseldorf universities and patrons with a permanent residence in Germany.

    Students of HHU do not need a separate library card. The HHU-Card serves as a library card.

    How to register for a library card:

    • At this time, patrons will need to schedule an appointment to get their library card. Please find an overview of the free time slots here. Please contact us at: ausleihe(at)ulb.hhu.de and let us know your preferred time and date for registration.
    • You need a valid German ID card or international passport and registration card (must be valid and not older than a year).
    • In the case of minors, the registration must be signed by a parent or guardian and their identity card must be presented.


    • A library card is free for students and affiliates of HHU.
    • For patrons who do not study or work at a German university, an annual fee of 15 euros per calendar year is charged.

    How to renew your library card:

    • Library cards that begin with "E" must be reactivated for the new year. Reactivation for the following year is usually possible from the first of December.
    • Library cards can currently only be renewed online.
    • An immediate renewal is available for a fee here.
    • External patrons who are exempt from the annual usage fee of 15.00 €, please send a scan of your student ID card to ausleihe(at)ulb.hhu.de
      We will inform you by e-mail as soon as we have renewed your card.
Loaning media
    • To loan media you will need a library card or HHU-Card. You can loan a maximum of 50 books/media at once.
    • Books from the textbook collection and borrowable media from the reading floors can be loaned during opening hours at our self-checkout machines.
    • Books from the closed stacks (Magazin) need to be ordered via the catalogue. They are placed at the corresponding pick-up-shelves (first floor of the Central Library, fourth floor of the Medical Library).


    Loan restrictions

    • As a rule, reference works and particularly valuable media that is difficult to replace and in need of protection (for example, all titles published up to and including 1920) cannot be loaned. In the Central Library, the Law Library and the Medical Library, these works are stamped "not available for loan" on the inside of the book cover or on the outside of the spine with a red dot.
    • Journals and newspapers are without exception not borrowable and therefore without special marking. The same applies to the holdings of the VB Geisteswissenschaften and the VB Naturwissenschaften.
    • Textbook collections: Patrons who are not students or affiliates of a German university cannot borrow from the textbook collections. In the Law Library, copies from the textbook collection can only be borrowed by students or affiliates of the HHU, Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and Düsseldorf Business School.

    Covid-19 restrictions and services

    • Currently, the library is only open for borrowing media that are required for the preparation of scheduled examinations. It is not possible to use reference holdings in the library.
    • In order to support teaching, HHU staff can currently use a lending service for the reference holdings of the Humanities and Law Libraries.
Loan periods
    • The loan period is 28 calendar days.
    • An extension is possible four times, as long as loan period has not been exceeded or no reservation has been made.
    • A maximum of 50 media can be borrowed per account.
    • Academic employees of HHU have special loan conditions.
    • Important: The renewal process must take place before the loan period expires! If the return date is exceeded, late fees will be charged and the medium must be returned.
    • For media delivered via interlibrary loan, the loan period is usually 42 calendar days, calculated from the date of arrival at the ULB. In individual cases the loan period may be limited to one week. Interlibrary loan periods cannot be extended!
    • An overview of your borrowed media with the end of the loan period can be found in your user account in the catalog.
Media returns
    • You can return your borrowed books at the return stations in the foyer of the Central Library and in the Medical Library. This is possible during all opening hours.
    • Once returned, the books will be deleted from your library account and you will receive a return receipt. Please check it and keep it for one year.
    • There are book return boxes in the entrance area of the O.A.S.E. and in front of the Law Library, which you can use alternatively. You should be aware that:

      • You are responsible for the returned media.
      • You will not receive a return receipt when you drop off your book in one of the return stations.
      • Please make sure that loose inserts and the like cannot fall out.
      • Please return interlibrary loan books only via the interlibrary loan return machine or at the Central Service Desk (service hours) on the first floor of the Central Library.
      • Late fees due to exceeding the deadline can occur! Return stations are cleared by our staff on the next working day.

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