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Regional literature

The tasks of a state library traditionally also entail collecting, indexing and providing literature and information about the federal state. The ULB Düsseldorf is increasingly acquiring literature and media about the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and in particular about the Lower Rhine area, the Ruhr area and the Bergisches Land – so the Düsseldorf administrative region and its surroundings.

The regional literature includes specialist and non-fiction literature on the past and present from all areas of life, such as the nature and culture, economy and society of the region and state. Fiction containing region-related content is also collected. In addition to the usual forms of publication such as books and journals, the regional holdings also include CDs and DVDs.

Deposit copies of regional literature

The ULB Düsseldorf receives deposit copies of some regional literature. The regional collection therefore also includes a great deal of ephemera and grey literature such as anniversary publications of associations and parishes, reports and autobiographies of contemporary witnesses, and periodicals of public institutions and companies.

Regional literature indexing

The regional holdings on North Rhine-Westphalia are indexed in the ULB catalogue as well as in the North Rhine-Westphalian Bibliography down to the article level.

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