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Borrowing, returning and renewing items

How many items can I borrow and how long for? Is it possible to renew loans? Where can I return borrowed items? Learn more about borrowing, returning and renewing items.

  • You’ll need a valid HHU Card or library card to borrow items.
  • Please take books from the open access areas and the textbook collections from the shelves yourself and check them out by using the self-lending machines on the ground floor.
  • Books stored in closed stacks must be ordered in advance via the ULB catalogue (closed stack orders)
  • Holdings from the Science Library can be borrowed throughout the weekend via the weekend loan service (from 11.10.2021):
    • Borrow the media needed on Fridays between noon and 4pm.
    • Return the items the following Monday at noon latest.
    • Overdue fees will be charged if items are not returned on time.
    • Items can only be returned in the Science Library.
  • As a rule, reference works and particularly valuable media that are difficult to replace and/or require special protection (e.g. all titles published up to 1920) are not available for loan. These items are marked as ”In-house collection” in the ULB catalogue. The words “Nicht ausleihbar” (“Not available for loan”) have moreover been stamped on the inside of the book cover or a red dot added to the book’s spine.
  • Magazines and newspapers cannot be borrowed.
  • Items from the textbook collections can only be borrowed by members and affiliates of German state-supported higher education institutions.

For detailed information on the borrowing restrictions, see Section 10 of the regulations for use.


  • The standard loan period is 28 days. Students and other patrons are able to extend this loan period by a maximum of 140 days (provided items have not been reserved). For HHU staff, loans are automatically extended up to a maximum loan period of 301 days (provided items have not been reserved).
  • A maximum of 50 items can be borrowed per account.
  • Important:  Fines apply (Säumnisgebühren)  for overdue loans.
  • Fines can be paid at the pay station during the library opening times: you’ll need your library card and can then pay the fine in cash or by EC card. HHU students also have the option of using their HHU card to pay.
  • For items delivered via interlibrary loan, the loan period is usually 42 calendar days, calculated from the date of arrival at ULB Düsseldorf. In individual cases, the loan period may be limited to one week. Interlibrary loans cannot be renewed!

  • For an overview of your borrowed items including details on the loan period, see your library account in the ULB catalogue.

The loan period of borrowed items can be extended if:

  • the item has not been reserved,
  • the maximum loan period of 140 days has not yet been reached,
  • the fines on your account do not exceed €40.

Media must be renewed via your library account in the ULB  catalogue.  Please use your uni ID or your library card E-number to log in. You can extend the loan periods for your borrowed items in your account under the “Your Checked Out Items” tab.

Important: The loan period is extended by 28 days on the day that you renew the item. This means that if you already renew an item one day after you borrowed it, the loan period will only be extended by one day.

  • You can return borrowed items during the library opening times to the return machines in the Central Library foyer and the Medical Library (4th floor).
  • When you return items, they will be removed from your library account and you’ll receive a return receipt.
  • Alternatively, you can use the book return boxes located in the O.A.S.E. foyer and outside the Law Library. Please note:
    • The person who borrows an item is always responsible for its return.
    • In deviation from the Regulations of Use, you won’t receive a return receipt.
    • Ensure that loose inserts and suchlike cannot fall out.
    • Loans will only be deleted from your library account on the next working day, so you may incur fines if loans are then overdue!
    • Please only return interlibrary loans via the interlibrary loans return machine (green flag) or at the Central Service Desk on the ground floor of the Central Library (red flag).

Services for holdings with currently restricted access

HHU staff are able to order items from the in-house collections from the Law Library and Humanities Library II for loan and collection. This is an adapted procedure of official loans.

How does it work?

  • You’re able to order up to five items per order via email for official loan. 
  • Please email  to order holdings from the Humanities Library II
  • Please email  to order holdings from the Law Library
  • When ordering, please provide your library card number (letter “N” + numerical code) as well as the call number and barcode number for each individual title. You’ll find the barcode number in the item details in the ULB catalogue.
  • We’ll notify you via email as soon as your order is ready for collection during the Law Library opening times. Please bring your library card to add the ordered items to your account. They will be held for you for 7 calendar days. Please also note that for organisational reasons, the loan period of 28 days begins on the day that the item is first made available.
  • Please return media from the Humanities Library at the information desk there. Holdings of the Law Library can be returned via the book return box in the foyer of the Juridicum.
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