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ULB supports you in your open access publishing projects. In particular, we offer funding and operate platforms for publishing in open access journals and e-books. We inform on the possibilities for the secondary publication of works that have already been published and on aspects of copyright. Please note that we are unable to provide legally binding information however.

Thorsten Lemanski
Thorsten Lemanski
+49 211 81-15367
Building: 24.41
Floor/Room: ZG.84

Faculty Open Access Officers

  • Faculty of Law
    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Noack,
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
    Prof. Dr. Martin Lercher,
  • Faculty of Medicine
    N. N.
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
    Dr. Tobias Winnerling,
  • Faculty of Business Administration and Economics
    Prof. Dr. Christian Wey,
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