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Subject information for students: Chemistry


Currently only available in German.

Literature search

ULB Düsseldorf is made up of the Central Library and several branch libraries. You can find an overview here.

Media on the subject Chemistry is located on the 3rd floor of the Central Library as well as in the Science Library.

The books in the reading rooms are shelved systematically, i.e. according to subjects and within the subjects, according to subject areas and topics. The basis of the arrangement is the classification system which divides the fields of knowledge into main groups and subgroups and is expressed by a letter-number combination (classification number). Classification numbers are used for the books’ shelf numbers, and you can use them to search the catalogue thematically.

Click here for an overview of all Chemistry textbook collection titles.

To search for literature, especially journal articles on a specific topic, you usually use interdisciplinary or specialized databases. Chemistry subject databases can be found in ULB’s Database Information System (DBIS).

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