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Subject information for research and teaching: German Studies


Currently only available in German.

Research information

Literature on German Studies is located on the 1st floor of the Central Library and in the Humanities Library, building 24.21. Multiple copies of the same book can be found in the textbook collection on the ground floor of the Central Library. You can find an overview of the library locations here.

The classification system, which divides the fields of knowledge into main groups and sub-groups and is expressed by a letter-number combination (classification number), can also be used to browse our search portal thematically.

The literature on German studies is systematically arranged in main groups and subgroups according to fields of knowledge. The shelving of the specialist literature is derived from the classification system for German studies.

In addition, you can use the subject classifications for General Linguistics, General Literary Studies and Theatre and Film Studies for browsing. All holdings of a subject are always arranged from the general to the specific. In German Studies, the editions of and secondary literature on the individual writers can be found under “ger u” and “ger w”.

The classification system also determines the call number you will find on each book. Example:


ger - German Studies

b - German literature: Old High German. Middle High German

700 - Literary genres and forms, general

k - Surname of author or editor + cutter number

There are various subject databases available for searching German Studies literature, which you can find in ULB’s Database Information System (DBIS).

All journals subscribed for German Studies can be found in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).

Current issues of German Studies journals can be found on the 1st floor of the Central Library in the journal displays. The year-bound journals are located under ger z.

ULB pursues an e-only strategy, i.e. as soon as a journal can be acquired electronically, the printed edition is cancelled in most cases. The journals are accessible via the PCs in the reading room and for HHU members, via VPN from home.

Selecting and ordering literature

You’re welcome to submit literature requests and acquisition suggestions to the responsible subject librarian, either informally via email or by using our acquisition proposal form.

We can set up quick reference collections for literature required on a daily basis as required by Chairs after consultation with their respective subject librarian. Up to 500 items of research literature can be included in a quick reference collection. Please contact your responsible subject librarian to set up a quick reference collection or order books for a collection.

Digital and information literacy

The ULB supports the advancement of digital literacy and information skills with subject-specific in-person teaching and digital offers. We can gladly attend your events and give an introduction to subject-specific information research.

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