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Subject information for students: Yiddish Studies


Currently only available in German.

Literature search

When searching for Yiddish and/or Judaic topics, please note that the transliteration of Yiddish or Hebrew titles in German library catalogues follows certain rules and is different from, for example, that in Anglo-American directories.

The openly accessible media belonging to Yiddish Studies are located in the Humanities Library (Building 24.21). They are shelved according to our classification system.

Your subject is very interdisciplinary. In addition to the holdings of Jewish Studies / Yiddish Studies, you may also be interested in philology, art, philosophy, religious studies and history, depending on the subject.

All electronically available journals related to the subject can be found in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). Please ensure your VPN is activated when searching from off-campus. Many journals especially from the first decades of the 20th century are available as microfilm and can be used via the microfilm reader in the library. You can find them like all other journals via the library catalogue.

A search in the subject databases is usually more appropriate than a search in the library catalogue. You can find the databases via the Database Information System (DBIS). Please activate your VPN first when searching from off campus. In addition to the databases of Jewish Studies/Yiddish Studies, those of History and, if applicable, Art and/or Philologies are also relevant for your subject, depending on the topic.

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