The ULB holds a total collection of 980 early prints of the 15th century (incunabula), additional copies included. In addition there are 18 fragments, adding up to 998 items in total.

Among the incunabula, some are to be regarded as “unica” according to the state of knowledge of the editors of the undefined“Union Catalogue of Incunabula Database” (Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, GW), which means that these incunabula are held in no other library. Among the fragments are valuable testimonies of earliest printing, or rather rare relics of “functional literature”, amongst others a fragment of a 30-line letter of indulgence (6th print) from 1454 (GW 6555) and twelve fragments of several Donatus editions, ten of which are exclusively conserved in our collection.  

Access, Digitization, and Use
The incunabula of the ULB are completely listed in the Incunabula Catalogue. In the context of the digitization project started in 2011, the bibliographic records of the complete collection of incunabula documented in the printed catalogue were also integrated into the Search Portal. These can now be used to search and order the original versions.  

We provide further research tools on a undefinedseparate site for you. The originals can be consulted in the undefinedSpecial Reading Room under professional supervision.

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