The ULB Düsseldorf connects the world of electronic resources with the world of conventional media. For your search, we offer you research tools adapted to your individual needs.

Search Portal and Catalogues

The central register for the ULB holdings is the Search Portal  which also lists articles. In addition, there are further catalogues for specialized  and advanced research.

Electronic Journals

Most of the electronic journals licensed by the ULB can be accessed via the Search Portal. Find additional search options, i.e. by topic or classification.


Most of the E-Books licensed by the ULB are included in the Search Portal.


The data of most of the subject databases licensed by the ULB are integrated in the Search Portal. For subject related research, special databases can be directly accessed.

Information on Specific Subjects

The library’s subject librarians provide useful information on their respective areas of expertise. You can also gain an overview over the subject locations in the Central Library here.

Searching the Digital Collections

Search the Digital Collections for specific titles and structural data of digitized books and journals, do a full-text search, or browse the Digital Library by subject.

Searching the ULB Collections

Search the Digital Collections of the historical holdings up to circa 1900, the inventory of the medieval manuscript fragments dating from the 8th to the 16th century and profit from further historical collections.

Searching the Regional Bibliographies and the Legal Deposits of the District of Düsseldorf

Search the North Rhine-Westphalian Bibliography for electronic legal deposits of the district of Düsseldorf and literature from all fields of knowledge related to North Rhine-Westphalia.

University Publications: Düsseldorf Document- and Publishing Service

Uniform access to university publications and teaching or research related material created or used at the HHU.

Enquiry Desk

Do you need help with finding bibliographic information? Or have you got questions concerning media access? Do you find it difficult to locate the titles researched? All of these and many other questions will be answered either at our service desks or via library chat.

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