SFX – The Quick Path from your Literature Search to the Respective Documents

In many specialist databases and scientific search engines, you will find the SFX-logo displayed, or a respective link ("ULB Volltext").

SFX and Access to Documents

Our SFX service offers serveral options to locate the document you need; links are ordered according to their relevance. If possible, SFX offers the link to a full text the library provides or which is freely available. Alternatively, you will be given a link to our Search Portal. If the document is not available in the ULB Düsseldorf you will be offered a direct connection to inter-library loan.

SFX and Rerefence Management Software

There will also be a link to Citavi and Endnote in case you would like to use a quotation from the text in your bibliographic reference management tool. You can also import your search terms if you would like to continue your search on the Internet, in the Search Portal, or as a search for an inter-library loan. You can also do it the other way round and look up the availability of material the references of which have already been saved in your bibliographic reference management tool. Here is how you can integrate SFX in Citavi and SFX in EndNote.

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