The ULB provides access to e-books. You can access these media via our Search Portal where you can directly search and download  (large ) parts of the books. Find an overview of alternative search options and additional services related to e-books here.

Access to E-Books: Research in E-Book-Packages

Search for e-books in the e-book packages licenced by the ULB or provided via national licences by the DFG.

In addition, you can also do a search in the aggregator database Ebook Central. Please register in order to use the whole range of services (print, download, highlight text, and so on). Registration is cost free and does not involve any obligations.

Access to E-Journals: Link Resolver

If you already have a specific quotation, a search via the Link Resolver could be a good option. This way you won’t have to start by consulting catalogues or databases. Whether you need an article or a book: You can directly enter bibliographical information to find out if the work in question is available as a digitized full text.

Conditions of Access and Terms of Use of E-Books

Due to licence restrictions, access to e-books is allowed only to members of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf as well as to visitors of the ULB Düsseldorf to purchase a Membership Card within the regulations of the applicable copyright. According to current copyright and the licence contracts negotiated by the ULB, downloading or printing contents of databases, of complete of large partes of electronic journals or books, is usually not allowed.

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