Inventory of Medieval Manuscript Fragments

The inventory of medieval manuscript fragments in the ULB collections has been established with support of the DFG. It contains digital representations and descriptions of 689 manuscript fragments of the 8th to 16th century.

Manuscript fragments emerged in the context of book production until modern times: Codices which were not required or whose contents became obsolete were taken apart and its fragments recycled for new bindings. The fragments in the ULB collections cover a wide range of subjects ranging from philological, liturgical, canonistic and roman legal manuscripts up to those of music and art. Previously unknown traditions of classical writings (e.g. Cicero, Pliny the Elder, Virgil), writings of church fathers (e.g. Augustine, John Chrysostom), and of authors of Late Antiquity (e.g. Boethius, Martianus Capella, Orosius), as well as fragments of biblical, legal, and hagiographic manuscripts are now available for textual and historical studies.

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