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Book a study space

A limited number of study spaces are currently available at the ULB Düsseldorf. You must book in advance; bookings can be made max. 2 days in advance (from 9am).

Please note the following regulations for booking study spaces and the terms of use.

  • You’ll need your uni ID or your library card E-number and your password to book a study space.
  • Study spaces can be booked by the hour or day. Click once on the box for your desired start time and then once on the box for the last hour you’d like to book. If your booking is outlined in blue, a booking has been made and you can log out again. You’ll receive a confirmation email as soon as a study space has successfully been booked.
  • If you do not need a study space you’ve booked after all or you leave it before the period you’ve booked ends, we ask that you cancel your booking in the interest of others. To do this, click on your booking (blue outline) to highlight the entire booked period in blue, then click on “Cancel”. Cancellation is possible at any time.
  • The study spaces are numbered consecutively. Please only use the study space you’ve booked. You can view the numbering in the occupancy plan at any time.
  • As a student of HHU please use your HHU card to check in!
  • ULB reserves the right to bar users from booking study spaces if they repeatedly fail to cancel study spaces that they do not need.
  • Cleaning materials are available should you wish to clean the study space before use.
  • A face mask must be worn in the library. You can take it off at your booked study spaces.
  • Please note that the current hygiene regulations and distancing requirements mean that tables and chairs may not be moved.

The number of study spaces has to be limited due to the hygiene regulations and distancing requirements in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that only a limited number of people are allowed in buildings. At the Central Library, the ongoing comprehensive refurbishment of the air conditioning system moreover means that many of the study spaces are currently unavailable; noise disturbances may also occur.

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