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Reference management

We recommend using a reference management programme for all kinds of academic/scientific work. It can save you a lot of time and stress!

ULB offers free campus licences for Citavi and EndNote.

Reference management programmes enable:

  • the systematic collection and management of information about literature (books, articles, etc.)
  • automatic citation (in texts or as footnotes)
  • the creation of a bibliography
  • direct import of sources from the library catalogue and databases


The ULB offers regular introductory courses on the use of EndNote and Zotero. Further information is also available on this website.

Please note:

  • Citavi is available in various languages, but only for Windows.
  • EndNote is available for Windows and MacOS, but only in English.
  • Zotero is free for Windows and MacOS, but a paid subscription is required to sync your library between devices.
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