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Literature search (German)

In the training courses on literature search, you will learn tips and tricks for searching for suitable scientific literature for your term papers and theses. We demonstrate search strategies and search tools that you can put to good use when preparing your written work.


We offer trainings on 2 levels: for beginners and for advanced learners.

The following questions, among others, are answered in the training sessions:

Literature search for beginners:

  • What is a search strategy and why do I need it?
  • How do I find scientific literature?
  • How does the ULB catalogue work?
  • What are the profit tricks for searching the catalogue?

Literature search for advanced students:

  • What are subject databases and what do I need them for?
  • How do I find the right database for my subject?
  • What other research services can I use?

Our courses are suitable for all subjects.

Literature search for beginners is aimed at students in the first semesters and interested persons who are at the beginning of an academic thesis and need guidance for independent research.

Literature search for advanced students serves to build on the knowledge of the previous course. A prerequisite for participation is basic knowledge of researching in the ULB catalogue.


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