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Inventory of medieval manuscript fragments

The inventory of medieval manuscript fragments from the 8th to the 16th century at ULB Düsseldorf, compiled within a DFG project, lists digital copies and descriptions of 689 manuscript fragments.

Manuscript fragments were created during book production until well into modern times: codices with outdated or undesirable content were broken up and their components reused for new bookbindings. The Düsseldorf fragments cover a wide range of subjects from various philologies to liturgy, canon studies, Roman law, music and art. Previously unknown classical traditions (e.g. Cicero, Pliny Maior, Virgil), texts by church fathers (e.g. Augustine, John Chrysostom) and late antique authors (e.g. Boethius, Martianus Capella, Orosius) as well as remains of biblical, legal and hagiographic manuscripts can now be used for research into the history of texts and traditions.

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