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Library fees and fines

Library card For members and affiliates of HHU and other state higher education institutions Free
All other persons (annual fee per calendar year) Currently suspended
Replacement card in case of loss, damage, etc. – for all persons €10
Reservations Processing fee €0,50

Overdue fees

Period ovedue (per loan)


Up to 10 calendar days €2
Up to 20 calendar days €5
Up to 30 calendar days €10
Up to 40 calendar days €20
Short-term loans (per loan and calendar day) €2
Admin fee
(plus overdue fees)
If the loan period is exceeded by more than 40 calendar days (or by 10 calendar days for short-term loans). €25
Loss, damage or non-return An admin fee is payable in addition to the costs for repair, replacement or compensation and any overdue fees. €25


Interlibrary loans    
German interlibrary loans Processing fee per request (book/essay); also payable if the loan cannot be delivered.
The fee is waived for lecturers and academic staff of Heinrich Heine University, who require interlibrary loans for work purposes.
International interlibrary loans Fees of the foreign library
NB: International interlibrary loans usually cost considerably more than German interlibrary loans.


Reproduction/copy costs
Commissioned work Reproduction services (scans up to A1 size)  
Basic fee (max. 10 scans)


Each additional scan




The fees are waived for lecturers and academic staff of Heinrich Heine University, who require reproductions/copies for work purposes, provided these do not exceed the normal reasonable quantities.
Self-service Copies and printouts
A contractor’s equipment may be used – these are exclusively coin-operated photocopiers.


  Digital copies
Copies of microfilms and microfiches can be made for free on a microfilm scanner (please bring a flash drive with you).

See the fee regulations and locker regulations for details.

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