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Academic Disciplines ?abc=a#name413
To obtain information concerning a certain academic discipline, you can use the following starting points - depending on what you need to know:
- alphabetical list of the disciplines (Fachinformation) available in the library with detailed information including internet sources,
- subject classification system (explanation of the term; Fachsystematik)
- you can contact someone of the responsible subject teams in case you have a difficult question concerning a certain academic discipline.
Academic Papers ?abc=a#name213
see Diploma Theses, Doctoral Dissertations, Professorial Dissertations, Magister Theses;
information about the Electronic Publishing of academic papers
Academic Standards; ?abc=a#name251
Citation rules
Address ?abc=a#name52
Travelling to the library
Arrangement of Books on the Shelves; ?abc=a#name233
Systematic Classification
Author's Places ?abc=a#name76
Details about the(Author positions)
Availability Information in the Search Portal; ?abc=a#name248
Loan Statuses
Avoiding Plagiarism ?abc=a#name601
Citation rules and avoiding plagiarism
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