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Academic Disciplines name413
To obtain information concerning a certain academic discipline, you can use the following starting points - depending on what you need to know:
- alphabetical list of the disciplines (Fachinformation) available in the library with detailed information including internet sources,
- subject classification system (explanation of the term; Fachsystematik)
- you can contact someone of the responsible subject teams in case you have a difficult question concerning a certain academic discipline.
Academic Papers name213
see Diploma Theses, Doctoral Dissertations, Professorial Dissertations, Magister Theses;
information about the Electronic Publishing of academic papers
Academic Standards
Address name52
Address and Directions
Address Changes name430
Please inform us about your new address in writing using the registration form (Anmeldung zur Benutzung ...). Hand it in at the Central Service Desk on the ground floor of the Central Library or send us the form by mail (address).
It is sufficient if students have their new valid address registered at the Student Services Centre.
aem name35
Apparat Eigenmittel - Material with call numbers including this combination of letters have been purchased with funds from the respective institutes and are kept in chair reference collections there. It is possible to consult such material. If you wish to do so, please contact information staff at the library.
American Studies
Anonyma name50
Works for which no author is indicated are called anonyma. Important literature that has been published anonymously (such as the Nibelungenlied) has a place of its own in the subject classification system (explanation of the term; Fachsystematik) where primary and secondary literature are listed together.
ant name55
Classical Studies (Altertumswissenschaften) - Central Library/level O2 - Arts and Humanities Library II (VB Geisteswissenschaften II), building 24.21.01; library identification code 29 - internet sources (Düsseldorfer Virtuelle Bibliothek: Altertumswissenschaften)
Archives of the HHU name499
University Archives of the Heinrich Heine University
Arrangement of Books on the Shelves
Art (Kunstwissenschaft) name238
kun - Central Library/level O2
Arts and Humanities Library name389
The Arts and Humanities Library contains material for the following disciplines: Classical Studies, East Asian Studies, English Studies, German Studies, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Romance Studies and Sociology. It is located in the buildings 23.31 (Magazin Geisteswissenschaften) and 24.21 (VB Geisteswissenschaften II). In general, it's holdings may not be borrowed. Opening Hours.
Ask a Librarian name477
Thanks to our service offer Ask a Librarian, you can ask your questions in a chat during service hours! You can reach the chat by selecting the bubble or the letter symbol.
Audio-visual Media name77
Audio-visual media (AV media) include such publications as CDs, cassettes, videos et cetera. Generally, they may be borrowed. Unfortunately, there are no means to play and view them within the library.
Audiotapes name378
Generally, audiotapes may be borrowed. We are sorry that there is no equipment to play them within the premises of the library.
Author's Places name76
Important authors of specific fields of study have their own author's places within the subject classification system (explanation of the term; Fachsystematik) where primary and secondary literature are listed together.
AV Media
Availability Information in the Search Portal
Avoiding Plagiarism name601
Supporting hints regarding avoiding plagiarism can be found on the website concerning citation rules and avoiding plagiarism (Zitiervorschriften und Plagiatsvermeidung).
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