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Parliamentary Material (Parlamentaria) name298
par - Central Library/level O2
Password name299
All members of HHU automatically are given a password with their enrolment or employment, together with the personal university identification. The account must first be activated (Online-Aktivierung). These identification details exclusively are managed by the Identy Management of the ZIM. In case of problems with your password, please address all your questions to the helpdesk (Helpdesk) of the ZIM!

External users automatically are given an initial password with their registration. It is the date of birth in the following form: DDMMYYYY (example: January 25th, 1970, enter: 25011970). For reasons of data security, the ULB strongly recommends to change the password at your first log-in. In case of problems with your password, please contact staff at the Central Service Desk on the ground floor of the Central Library.

The password only can be changed via Identy Management (Anmelden am Identitätsmanagement ...) of the ZIM.
Payment Machine name532
There is a payment machine in the foyer of the Central Library which you can use to make payments at any time during the opening hours. Please bring your membership card! The machine accepts cash as well as EC debit cards. Please remember to take your receipt.
Furthermore, it's possible to change money at the payment machine.
Fees and charges et cetera cannot be paid at the Central Service Desk.
Pedagogy (Pädagogik)
Periods When Books Are Made Available name597
Media which must be requested via the catalogue is kept in different closed stacks. Thus the periods when they are made available are varying.
Irrespective of the date of request media can be picked up until Tuesday 24:00.
Pharmacy (Pharmazie) name444
pha - Central Library/level O3 - Science Library (VB Naturwissenschaften), building 25.22.01; library identification code 43 - internet sources
Philosophy (Philosophie) name303
phi - Central Library/level O3 - Arts and Humanities Library II (VB Geisteswissenschaften II), building 24.21.01; library identification code 25 - internet sources
Photocopies on Transparencies name538
Photocopies on transparencies can only be made at the copy shop (Copy-Shop) during opening hours.
Physics (Physik) name304
phy - Central Library/level O3 - Science Library (VB Naturwissenschaften), building 25.22.01; library identification code 44 - internet sources (Internetquellen Physik)
pol name306
Political Science (Politikwissenschaft) - Central Library/textbook collection
Political Science (Politikwissenschaft) name308
Literature about this subject can be found in the locations of different disciplines:
- Central Library/level O2: within the discipline of history; call number "his"
- Central Library/textbook collection: with the call number "pol"
- Arts and Humanities Library I (VB Geisteswissenschaften I): within the discipline of sociology, building 23.31.03; library identification code 33
internet sources (Portal für Politikwissenschaft)
Primary Literature name311
Primary literature is the term used for original works, that are texts written by a certain author (for example: Goethe: Egmont). In contrast, secondary literature is about the author and his works (for example: Hartmann: Egmont, Geschichte und Dichtung).
Printing, Scanning and Copying name143
We have gathered detailed information about the means of scanning, printing and copying available in the ULB on a separate web page (Scannen, Drucken und Kopieren).
Prints from the 16th and 17th Centuries
Professorial Dissertations name203
Not all professorial dissertations are available in the library. If you wish to consult one, please contact the respective faculty.
Information about the Electronic Publishing of professorial dissertations.
Projects name312
For years, the ULB developes innovative services in fields of library science in different projects (Projekte) to ensure modern supply of literature.
Proxy Settings name449
Some library services can generally only be used from the HHU campus, but they can also be accessed from outside the campus by using the library's proxy server. For this to work, please note the required proxy settings (Proxy-Einstellungen).
Psychological Tests name489
There is only limited access to psychological tests (call number: psyy ...). They can only be given out and returned at the information desk on level O2 at the following hours: Mon - Fri 09:00 - 16:00.
Test manuals and descriptions can be given out to any library member for use in the library or for taking photocopies if they leave a security deposit.
Complete tests (including work sheets, scoring keys et cetera) will only be given out to research staff of the Institute for Experimental Psychology, the Institute for Medical Psychology and the Institute for Educational Studies. Please bring your N-membership card!. Other persons interested in using this material need written permission. Form ( Ausgabe ...(2)). Further information ( Ausgabe ... (1)) including the names of the professors who are entitled to issue permissions.
Psychology (Psychologie) name313
psy - Central Library/level O3 - internet sources (Internetquellen Psychologie)
Publications of the ULB name331
Articles written by staff of the ULB and publications about the library are listed on our publications web page (Publikationen).
Purchase Suggestion name165
You can make a purchase suggestion on our website. If you wish, we can place a hold on the respective item as soon as it is available for use. You will receive notification and the item will be kept available for you for one week.
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