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DBIS - Fachgebiet: Geschichte

17th - 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers
1848/49er Revolutionäre und ihre Einflüsse in den USA, Die
19th Century British Library Newspapers
Acta Sanctorum
African American Newspapers : Series 1
African American Newspapers : Series 2
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection / Series 1
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection / Series 2
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection / Series 3
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection / Series 4
American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection / Series 5
American Proxy Wars: Korea and Vietnam : Global Perspectives, 1946 - 1975
American Race Relations : Global Perspectives, 1941 - 1996
America’s historical newspapers
Anti-Calvin Online
Apartheid : Global Perspectives, 1946 - 1996
Area Studies: China and Southeast Asia
Area Studies: Japan
Beleid en Maatschappij (B en M) - tijdschrift voor beleid politiek en maatschappij
Brill / Brill Journal Archive Online
Central and Eastern European Online Library - Archiv
China Academic Journals
China, America and the Pacific
China Ancient Books
China: Culture and Society
China: Trade, Politics and Culture
Cold War Intelligence
Cold War, The : Global Perspectives on East-West Tensions, 1945 - 1991
Conrad Gessner's Private Library Online
Corvey Digital Collection: Literature of the 18th and 19th Centuries
Deutschsprachige Frauenliteratur des 18. & 19. Jahrhunderts, Teil 1 und 2
Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts, The
Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation, The
Digital National Security Archive
Dutch Pamphlets Online
Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639 - 1800
Early American Imprints, Series II: Shaw/Shoemaker, 1801 - 1819
Early English Books Online
East India Company
Eighteenth Century Collections Online
Eighteenth Century Journals / ECJ I & II
Empire Online
English Language Womens Literature of the 18th & 19th Centuries
Europa Sacra Online
Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports
Foreign Office Files for China, 1919 - 1980
Foreign Office Files for Japan, 1919 - 1952
Foreign Office Files for South East Asia, 1963 - 1980
Gerritsen Collection, The / Womens History Online
Huguenots Online
Hungarian Reformation Online, The
Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees : Global Perspectives, 1941 - 1996
Integrum World Wide
Italian Reformation Online, The
Izvestija Digital Archive
Krokodil Digital Archive
Literaturnaja Gazeta Digital Archive
Macmillan Cabinet Papers
Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800 - 1926
Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources, 1620 - 1926
Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600 - 1926
Making of the Modern World: Economics, Politics and Industry
Middle East Online, The / Series 1, Arab-Israeli Relations 1917 - 1970
Middle East Online, The / Series 2, Iraq 1914 - 1974
Nationallizenzen / Sammlungen - Monographien
Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers
North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories
Northern Ireland: A Divided Community, 1921 - 1972: Cabinet Papers of the Stormont Administration
Nuclear Arms and Weapons of Mass Destruction : Global Perspectives, 1945 - 1996
Patrologia Graeca
Periodicals Archive Online
Periodicals Index Online
Post-War Europe: Refugees, Exile and Resettlement 1945 - 1950
Pravda Archive, 1959 - 1996 : Twentieth-Century Global Perspectives
Pravda Digital Archive
Primary Sources for Slavic Studies
ProQuest Historical Newspapers
Scriptores Possessoresque Codicum Medii Aevi
Slavonic Bibles Online
Soviet Cinema Online : Archival Documents from RGALI, 1923 - 1935
Stalin Digital Archive
Testaments to the Holocaust
Torrossa / Monografie
U.K. Parliamentary Papers
U.S. Congressional Serial Set
U.S. Declassified Documents Online
U.S. Intelligence on Europe, 1945 - 1995
Ut per Litteras Apostolicas ...
Voprosy Istorii Digital Archive
Wales related Fiction of the Romantic Period
Wegbereiter der Österreichischen Psychologie
Wenshi Ziliao
World Biographical Information System Online
World of Children - Artek Pioneer Camp Archives, 1944 - 1967 Online