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In addition to ongoing digitisation of ULB collections and participation in cooperation projects, the Digitisation Centre offers special services. Our patrons can participate in the Digital Collection’s development themselves by suggesting a book for digitisation. For publications or exhibitions, a reproduction service is offered. In addition, the Digitisation Centre produces scans for the interlibrary loans, course collections and the campus delivery service.


ULB patrons may suggest books and journals for digitisation via e-mail.

Your suggestion can be accepted if

  • the book is part of ULB’s collections; it is best to check this yourself in the ULB catalogue

  • the work is copyright-free

  • the work will not be damaged by digitisation, this will be checked by our conservation/restoration team

You will receive feedback by e-mail after your suggestion has been reviewed. We look forward to your suggestions!


You have the option of acquiring scans in reproduction quality of ULB Düsseldorf holdings for a fee. Further information, costs and the order form can be found here.

The Digitisation Centre produces scans and copies for various services for research, teaching and studying.

For further information on interlibrary loans and contact details click here.

For further information on course collections and contact details click here.

For further information on the Campus Delivery Service and contact details click here.

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