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Holdings Overview

The University Archives currently contain around 700 linear metres of archive records. This includes approximately:

  • files
  • private collections
  • photographs
  • posters, leaflets and flyers

The University Archives’ individual archive records are grouped into holdings. Most of these holdings are structured according to HHU’s structure.

The first holdings group contains documents from central organisational units, facilities, institutions as well as the Medical Academy (the precursor to HHU). Holdings groups 2 to 6 comprise the documents of the individual faculties (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration and Economics).

The University Archives moreover contain holdings groups 7 to 10. For subject-related reasons, these holdings groups are not structured according to HHU’s structure. They mainly comprise personal papers and private collections (of persons from the university setting), collections (e.g. photos, flyers), external archives (i.e. taken over from registrars from outside the university) and documentation (e.g. newspaper clippings relating to HHU).

Holdings group 11 contains holdings relating to the student representative bodies such as the AStA student union and the departmental student committees.

Check the online holdings overview for an initial insight. You’re also able to use the finding aids to obtain more detailed information about our holdings. Some publicly accessible finding aids are available as PDF files. The holdings overview and the list of finding aids is updated continuously.

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