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Kick-start your studies with our online courses and materials! From finding electronic media to research data management, you’ll find it all here.

Option 1: Link

Our content is freely available. You can link one or more modules to your courses. Students can then work through the content of their own accord and access it during the semester and beyond. The content is primarily designed to be interdisciplinary, but can be adapted to your specific subject.

Option 2: Upload one or more modules to your course

You can integrate both an interdisciplinary module from ULB-Kompass and a Düsseldorf Online Tutorial (DOT) adapted to your specific subject into your courses. Integration directly into your courses has the advantage that all your learning materials are in one place. You can also monitor students’ progress within modules as required.

Option 3: Develop new e-learning content on information skills

Would you like to address aspects such as identifying information needs, literature search or other areas of digital literacy and information skills for your subject as E-learning content? Then ULB Düsseldorf can gladly assist. New content is developed in cooperation with the academic support team (subject-specific advising) and ULB Düsseldorf’s Library Usage division (interdisciplinary content, technical implementation).

Responsible for the content: