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Information for HHU administration

In principle, all documents from the administration of HHU whose retention period has expired are to be offered to the University Archives (§ 4 North Rhine-Westphalian Archive Act and § 3 HHU Archiving Regulations). This also applies to files/data that must be destroyed or deleted according to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, § 6 subsection 4 ArchG NRW).

As soon as the retention period of your files has expired, but at the latest before disposals or moves, you should offer them to the Düsseldorf University Archives.

We recommend that you sort your files on a regular basis and offer them to the Archives - this relieves the burden on your registry and facilitates archiving.

To offer your records to the University Archives, please fill in the offer list and send it to the Archives. For information on filling in the list and transferring files to the Archives, or destroying documents not worthy of archiving, please refer to the file transfer handout. If you have any questions, please contact the University Archives.

If required, the University Archives can also advise you on records management.

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