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Good to know: Library introductions (German)

We regularly offer library tours for HHU students and other interested persons.

We’ll publish the details of the general introductory events on this page at the start of the summer and winter semesters.

We can gladly introduce the library during your course. You can invite us to attend your online courses (via Webex) as a guest. We use faculty-specific presentations to explain the library services to your students, including online publications. Our library introduction normally lasts about one hour, though the timings can be arranged to suit your needs. Please contact us with your preferred date and topic in case of interest.

We can gladly offer library tours for other patrons, who are not HHU members. Simply contact us with your desired date and topic. Please note, however, that, at the start of the winter semester, we only offer library introductions for first-year HHU students .

The online introductions take place via Webex.


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