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Tasks and Legal Basis

Düsseldorf University Archives was founded in 2001, currently holds almost 700 linear metres of archive material and has a small archive library. It is a public archive according to the North Rhine-Westphalian Archive Act and is open to all interested parties (Using the Archives). Düsseldorf University Archives is a department of ULB Düsseldorf, but is located at its own site on campus (

The archive has a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Evaluating and taking over HHU files after the retention periods have expired and storing them permanently
  • Advising HHU institutions on questions of analogue and electronic record keeping
  • Provision and utilisation of archival materials
  • Advising users and assisting them in researching archive material (also for students, e.g. for student research projects or dissertations)
  • Helping to process and communicate the history of HHU
  • Conducting seminars and internships for career-oriented courses of study
  • Offering guided tours of the archive
  • Contact for questions about the history of HHU
  • Service provider for HHU

Once the legal and university retention periods have expired, the university institutions and bodies contact the University Archives (information for the HHU administration). The archive staff decide which documents are to be preserved permanently. The basis for this is the North Rhine-Westphalian Archive Act and the Archiving Regulations of Heinrich Heine University (HHU). The documents taken over are made available for use in accordance with the Archive Act.

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