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Registering for a library card

A library card allows you to take advantage of our many services.  Find out everything you need to know about how it works, how to apply for a library card and how to renew it.

For HHU students, the HHU Card serves as the library card, which means that they do not need to register for a library card.

You can apply for a library card on site in the Central Library from Monday to Friday, 09am – 2pm.

You are also welcome to submit your request for a library card by e-mail.

To register, you do need

  • a  completed, hand-signed application form,

          registration form for non HHU members

          registration form for HHU non-academic staff

          registration form for HHU academic staff

          registration form for visiting/secondary and doctoral students as well as school students of HHU

  • a photo of your valid German identity card (front and back), or a photo of your passport and confirmation of registration from the Residents' Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt), which must not be older than 1 year. Alternatively, you can make an appointment with us to pick up your library card and present your documents at the time of pickup.

Please send these documents (jpg, png or pdf format only) to:
We will send your library card by post.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us!


  • The validity of library cards of HHU employees is linked to the end of the respective period of service or the end of the contract period. The loan periods of your borrowed media end at the latest on the expiry date of your library card.
  • Library cards beginning with "E" are valid indefinitely. However, inactive accounts are deleted after 3 years for data protection reasons.


  • Members of all universities in Düsseldorf, in addition to all persons with a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Guest students, cross-registered students and auditing doctoral students as well as school students (registration form)
  • Library cards are issued at the Central Service Desk on the ground floor of the Central Library (Building 24.41).
  • No fees apply for members and affiliates of HHU and other state higher education institutions in Germany.
  • The annual usage fee is currently suspended for all other patrons.
  • Please complete and sign the change of address form and submit it to us. If your library card is blocked due to relocation, please present valid ID or a current registration certificate (Meldebescheinigung).
  • HHU students please contact the Student Services Centre (SSC) for change of address.
  • First of all, have your library account blocked immediately. Please contact us directly about this.
  • A replacement card will be issued upon presentation of photo ID.
  • A fee of €10 applies for the issue of a new card. This must be paid at the pay station in the Central Library foyer.
  • HHU students should contact the Student Services Centre (SSC) in case they lose their HHU Card.
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