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Legal information

In the process of digitising cultural heritage, electronic reproductions of public domain works are created. These are made available in the ULB Digital Collections and presented freely on the internet. In order to ensure that the digital works can be reused in a legally secure manner, ULB provides each title with a licence that regulates the possibilities of use in a clear, simple and internationally standardised way.

In the spirit of Open Data and Open Access, ULB issues CC licences (Creative Commons) that are as free as possible. Normally, this is the CC0 1.0 licence or - theoretically even more open - the simple marking with a Public Domain Mark 1.0 (PD). Users may copy, modify and distribute these digital works. Commercial use is also allowed. In exceptional cases - for example in the case of medieval manuscripts, manuscript fragments and incunabula - the digital works are available with a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence. Licence information is provided in the title detailed view in the portal as lwell as in the metadata record of the digital work and is machine-readable.

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