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Citation advice

Are you working on a term paper or dissertation and unsure what to bear in mind when citing sources?

We discuss the basics of correct citation during a 20-minute consultation. Learn how to find a suitable citation style for your project, when verbatim quotes are appropriate, how to paraphrase and how to cite online sources, for example.

Please contact your lecturer regarding subject-specific questions on citation.

This service is aimed at all ULB users with a valid library or HHU card, who are preparing written work. Please note that our citation expertise relates to the humanities subjects. We can gladly work with you to find suitable contacts in case of questions about citations for STEM subjects.

You’ll need a PC with internet access.

Once you register via the appointment booking system, you’ll be sent a link to access WebEx. Please use this link to log in shortly before the time arranged for your individual consultation. You can type questions in the chat window or use your microphone to ask them.

Individual consultations can be booked a maximum of two days in advance and only take place during the week.

You can use Webex via your browser; you do not need to install the Webex app.

See here for information about the processing of personal data by Webex.

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