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Thomas Mann Collection

ULB’s Thomas Mann Collection is one of the most comprehensive commemorative collections devoted to Thomas Mann and his family in the world. Founded by the Düsseldorf bookseller and historian Dr Hans-Otto Mayer in the 1920s, it includes all of Thomas Mann’s works and individual editions as well as articles that were published in journals, anthologies and newspapers. Almost all first editions of Mann’s works, often signed by the author himself, along with countless bibliophile editions, translations into more than 40 languages, 45 hand- or typewritten original letters and postcards from Thomas Mann, over 5,000 copies of letters, a clippings archive comprising some 30,000 documents, and a collection of secondary literature on Thomas Mann and his family that strives for completeness can be viewed here. The collection also includes the private collections of Hans-Otto-Mayer in addition to several other Thomas Mann researchers.

The collection has been housed at ULB since 1980 and is continuously being expanded. It is available for reference use in the Special Reading Room.

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