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+++ Update 19.05.: The university archive is open. Info (German) +++
+++ Update 18.05.: Interlibrary Loans are available via library card login. +++

+++ Update 18.05.: Scanners available in the Central Library and Law Library. Info (German) +++

The Central Library and Law Library are open for students and employees of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Since government rules regarding hygiene and social distancing are still enforced, external patrons (E-card) currently cannot access the library. We are working on opening the library to the public.

FAQ: Access to the Library
  • Frequently asked questions regarding our current terms of use and access to the Central and Law Library are answered on this site. Should your question still not be answered, please contact us via E-Mail, via Chat or via telephone under +49 211 81-12900 (Mo – Fr: 9 am – 15 pm). You can find a list of contact persons here.


    • Which library locations will open on May 4th?
      Only the Central Library and Law Library will open on May 4th.
      We have implemented a delivery service for books from the Medical Library.
    • Do the usual opening hours apply?
      No, we are currently open mondays to fridays from 10 am to 3 pm.
    • Is the library open to all patrons?
      No, at this time only students and employees of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf are granted access to the open library locations. This is due to current government rules allowing only a certain number of patrons at the library and on campus at once. We are working on re-opening the library to the public as quickly as possible.
    • What are the requirements for access to the library?
      You will need to present your personal library card or HHU card. Please make sure that your HHU card has been activated beforehand.
    • Will I have to wear mouth/nose protection to be granted access?
      Yes, you will need to wear some form of mouth/nose protection, such as a face mask, a cloth or scarf.
    • What do I do if I don't have a library card?
      Employees of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf will need to contact ausleihe(at)ulb.hhu.de before their visit. We cannot provide new library cards to external patrons at this time.
    • How should I prepare my library visit?
      Please use our online catalogue to write down the location and call number of the media you want to borrow. Should you require media from our closed stack, please order at least the day before and take note of the pickup time. You will not be able to use our computers to research call numbers and locations!
    • When will my closed stack orders be ready for pickup?
      Media from our closed stacks can be ordered via the online catalogue. Orders from the closed stacks of the Central Library, the Humanities Library and Außenmagazin that are put in before 3 pm are ready for pickup on 10 am the next working day. Orders from the Außenmagazin Mauerstraße are ready for pickup fridays on 10 am if you order before midnight on wednesday. Please note: media from the reference collection cannot be borrowed or scanned at the library! Please check before ordering. Orders from the Medical Library's closed stack (Außenmagazin Medizin) cannot be fulfilled at this time.
    • Can I borrow all types of media or use them at the library?
      No, media from our reference collection that cannot be borrowed is marked as such in the catalogue and cannot be scanned or copied at the library. Media that is given out at our service desks is not available. Media from the medical closed stack (Außenmagazin Medizin) is unavailable as well.
    • Will I have to return borrowed books now?
      No, please do not come to the library only to return books. We have extended the loan period until the 19th of June 2020.
    • When can I pick up reserved books that were ready for me before the 14th of March?
      If you are a student or employee of Heinrich Heine University your reserved books are available for pick up for seven days after May 4th. You will receive notice via E-Mail.
    • Can I work and study at the library?
      No, at this time only borrowing and returning media is allowed. Your stay at the library should be kept as short as possible.
    • Can I scan, copy or print something?
      Yes, scanners are available in the Central Library (third floor) and in the Law Library (U1 and first floor). Please be aware of distancing rules and proper hygiene.
      Printers and copiers are not available at the moment.
    • Can I use the library computers, e. g. for researching in the catalogue?
      No, please prepare for your library visit at home. Use our library catalogue to write down call numbers and locations of media you need.
    • Can I pay my fees?
      Yes, you can pay your fees in the foyer of the Central Library.
    • Can I order interlibrary loans again?
      You can order journal articles. Delivering libraries are allowed to send you scans of journal articles via E-Mail until the 31st of May 2020. Please make sure that your library account is linked to your E-Mail. 
      Employees and students of HHU can send their orders for books and book chapters via E-Mail to fernleihe[at]ulb.hhu.de. A valid HHU Card or ULB Düsseldorf library card is required. Please send the E-Mail from your university E-Mail and put down your university credentials (Unikennung) in the order. Interlibrary loan fees are waived at this time.
    • Can I return interlibrary loans?
      The loan period for interlibrary loans has been extended until the 19th of June 2002. Students and employees of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf can return their interlibrary loans at the machine in the foyer of the Central Library. As an exception, media with a red flag that is usually given back at the service desk can be returned via the machine as well.
    • What will happen to my interlibrary loan that I could not pick up before the library closed?
      Interlibrary loans from students and employees of Heinrich Heine University have had their loan periods extended until the 19th of June. Interlibrary loans with the pickup locations: Central service desk, reading room 02 and special reading room are excluded from pickup at this time. Interlibrary loans for other patrons can also not be given out. Fees incurred will be cancelled.
    • How do I turn in my doctoral dissertation?
      Send us your dissertation via postal service or use the post box at building 21.01. (near SSC).

      Postal address:

      Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Düsseldorf,
      Hochschulschriften- und Tauschstelle,
      Frau Kuhn,
      Universitätsstr. 1,
      40225 Düsseldorf


Online resources
    • We provide access to E-Books, E-Journals and academic databases. You can find them in our catalogue. As a member of Heinrich Heine university you can access these resources from home using VPN or Shibboleth. We provide a detailed handout with instructions here (German).
    • We are constantly adding to our E-Book collection. You can find an overview of newly added E-Book packages here (German).
    • Should you need an E-Book that is not yet in our collections please send us a purchase suggestion.
    • You have found an E-Book online but a contact person from ULB tells you we cannot purchase it? Please be aware that there are some restrictions to E-Book purchases and refer to our FAQ (German).
    • To support research and teaching efforts at HHU during this time we have developed a literature delivery service through which employees of HHU can order scans of printed journal articles and book chapters from ULB collections for free. This service is available for all faculties. 
    • Update: Journal articles can now be delivered via interlibrary loan. Find out more here.
    • Many publishers are offering books and journals for free for a limited time during the coronavirus crisis. We are collecting these offers here.
Information literacy teaching resources
    • We are offering an online consultation hour for students and employees of HHU via Rocket.Chat on tuesdays from 2 pm to 4 pm.
    • Use the ULB Online Kit (German) to learn more about how to access our online resources from home.
    • Use our ULB-Kompass (German) to learn more about finding sources and using them in your papers and theses. Lessons are provided in small E-Learning bites. Or use our Lernmodul Informationskompetenz. Here you'll learn everything from how to start a literature search to managing your references.
    • To support (digital) teaching efforts HHU staff now has the opportunity to ask ULB staff questions during our consultation hours via RocketChat. Starting on 21st of April, we will be ready for your questions regarding information literacy training for your students. Look out for our channel: #ULB für die Lehre.
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