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Library A-Z

Academic Disciplines ?abc=a#name413
To obtain information concerning a certain academic discipline, you can use the following starting point:
- alphabetical list of the disciplines (Academic Disciplines) available in the library with detailed information including internet sources.
Academic Standards; ?abc=a#name251
Citation rules
Address ?abc=a#name52
Travelling to the library
Administrative regulations ?abc=a#name585
The Administrative Regulations for the ULB are published in the Official Announcements of HHU and describe the tasks and position of the library within the university. The regulations are only available in German
Arrangement of Books on the Shelves; ?abc=a#name233
Systematic Classification
Author's Places ?abc=a#name76
Details about the(Author positions)
Availability Information in the Search Portal; ?abc=a#name248
Loan Statuses
Avoiding Plagiarism ?abc=a#name601
Citation rules and avoiding plagiarism
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